Thursday, 26 August 2010

Decepticon Starscream Card

How long ago was it since I last posted? 3 weeks of something I think. Anyway... This is a card I made with Starscream from Transformers, the second in command to Megatron on Earth (The real second in command to Megatron is Shockwave, who is on Cybertron), he is also the leader of the seekers: Starscream(The one in the photo, White and Orange), Thundercracker(Blue) and Skywarp(Black and Purple).

The picture of Starscream is one I've drawn myself that was originally Sunstorm (They're identical in shape but I wrote Sunstorm under) that I coloured in, the Decepticon logo background I found on the internet and cut out on a Craft Robo (Not a Transformer!) so I had to make an outline, The "DECEPTICON STARSCREAM" on the sides I based the text on the box of Leader Jetfire (Which I shall be reviewing later) that just said "MECH ALIVE" so I made the design of some of the letters.

I'm entering this card into Lothian Crafts Challenge #5 "For A Man" Because people who grew up in the 80s have probably seen Transformers and might remember Starscream