Friday, 26 November 2010

Darn Memes! & Other Randomness

Sorry for the (nearly a month) absence, I was busy (LIES!). I didn't have anything to put up(Truth this time). ......Do you know the meme "OM NOM NOM", if you don't: it's the sound people make when they're eating (apparently), this originated from The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street when eating cookies, also, have you seen the Doctor Who episode Terror of The Autons? With the plastic chair that eats Mr McDermott? And the SUPER SCARY doll? Probably not, but I've wasted 2 minutes, Yes, an entire TWO MINUTES OF MY LIFE to make a picture just so you know I'm still here.

Not only do you get this picture above, you also get another one for FREE! A Doctor Who logo that I made:
Also, Today is Poppet's birthday so I've made a picture:
If you don't know what it is: it's based off a Poirot book cover, specifically "The Labours of Hercules".
Happy Birthday Poppet!