Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kirby Themed Post (Picture and Comic)

Yeah... That's the best name I can think of. As you can (hopefully) tell by the name, this post is Kirby themed. No, this post isn't dedicated to vacuum cleaners, it's about a little pink creature called Kirby. I got Kirby Super Star Ultra a few weeks ago and it's a good game. Possible spoiler ahead so beware: At the end of Meta Knightmare Ultra (a subgame in Kirby Super Star), Meta Knight wants to become stronger and fights Galacta Knight, a knight who was locked in suspended animation because he was too powerful. And Meta Knight wins. And I drew a picture of it. Meta Knight's the blue one and Galacta Knight has wings.

I drew it with a pencil, coloured the characters with Copics and Promarkers and I used chalk for the background. I'm very happy with the picture, though there are some differences to the game:
  1. Meta Knight doesn't have a cape in the game
  2. Meta Knight's shoulder guard isn't curved up at the end in the picture
That was one thing, The other is a comic I made using sprites from KSSU, it's only 3 panels, and it's got King Dedede and Fire Lion.
The story was thought up by me and I put the sprites on the backgrounds, but the sprites and backgrounds aren't by me, Fire Lion is ripped by Grim, King Dedede and the backgrounds were ripped by Drshnaps, Both are on Sprite Database. That's all for today, Bye!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy MMXI Everyone

Yes it's that time of year (next year?) again, where you can't get any sleep beacause of the fireworks setting off all around. I was going to post what happened 100 years ago but the things I found wasn't anything that I really understood properly. By the way, some useless information you probably didn't want to know; a couple of days ago I acquired a Nintendo DSi XL, which I have been on quite a lot, it can do loads of things. New year's resolution, do they still have those? Does anyone keep the promises? I think mine will be "Buy a Transformer" because I'm obviously going to do that, and one of them's got to be Wheeljack, I really like that guy.

Happy New Year!