Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's My Birthday Today!!!

Today is my birthday (11th August).

No birthday theme picture today because I can't be bothered.

Do you want to know what I got?  ....Too bad, you'll have to put up with it

I got:
G1 Masterpiece Grimlock, Who is AWESOME!!
Movie Deluxe Bumblebee, (Yes, another. But different to the other)
A Computer mouse in the shape of a car
Some Transformers stickers (No Ironhide though, Arcee replaces him)
And £55
Watched Smurfs at the cinema

And the stuff I bought for myself:
Human Alliance Jazz (with Lennox)
DOTM (Dark Of The Moon, The new Transformers Movie) Roadbuster
DOTM Megatron

I know I haven't updated in ages. Well here's some of the things I've done inbetween my last post and this one:
went to Whales for a week
Saw Dark of the Moon on the first showing on the first day while on holiday
went to the Talyllyn Railway (Sir Haydn pulled the train) Also in Whales
went to Portmerion (saw some crabs there, I was happy I saw them for some reason) also in Whales
saw Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D, First 3D film I've seen.
saw Dark of the Moon, Again, in 3D,  the 3D was a bit off I think
went to Drayton Manor with some friends (AWESOME)
completed Transformers: Decepticons for the DS, it's a really good game
tried playing Team Fortress 2

Dark of the Moon is great. I won't say anything about it because I might spoil something.

My birthday is on 11th of August in case you want to get me anything. 11th of August.

I'll try to do something next post. Maybe a review, I haven't done one of them in ages
Also, if you haven't already, could you look at my sister's blog: Padme's Wanderings. She doesn't update much, but it's good. She's poster about a mug that I made her.

I've Literally (About 10pm) Just been given "The Second QI Book of General Ignorance" from my parents!

I've had a great birthday I think

Can't think of anything witty to say, so.... Bye!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


It's one today. One year old.
On the subject of birthdays, Here's something I did for my Dad's birthday:

Because everytime I told my Dad about Assassin's Creed II, He'd reply "A Sausage Greed II?", because that's the thing he does, mock me. I made it for his birthday, I put it in a CD case and wrote stuff like "Eat sausages!" and "Over 2 minuites of gameplay!" Also thre was no "A Sausage Greed 1"

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May the 4th Be With You

Hi again
Just so you know:
May 4th = Star Wars Day

Star Wars is one of my favorite films. My favorite character from the Original Trilogy is Boba Fett, my favorite characters fron the Newer Trilogy are General Grievous and Kit Fisto.
I do actually have the 3 3/4" figures, I have Anakin, Obi-Wan and yoda behind me right now! (the 3 3/4" figures are more in-scale with Transormers Human Alliance than the tiny figures that come with them) The main reason you don't see me reviewing the Star Wars figures is that they don't really have a gimmick, yes, they do have articulation and some have firing missiles but not really much of a gimmick, I do really like the figures. My favorite creature is the Rancors, Which is why I'm called what I am. I have a Rancor I have named Jerry, he's a cute li'l Rancor! Also I own about a billion Darth Vader items, including a Vader head radio.
Well, in short; I own quite a lot of merchandise.
Here's a Pic I drew of Vader's head, I drew it quite quickly:

 Happy Star Wars day and "May the 4th Be With You"!
May 3rd wasn't my real birthday, a friend let it be my birthday, an "unoficcial" birthday. My real birthday is in August.
再见(It's Goodbye in Chinese)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Episode III: Revenge of the Blog

It's the third day today and I'm posting  a poster thing.

Have you seen a film called "Run fat boy run"? Neither have I. Here's the official poster:

I saw a picture of Ratchet in the same pose, and Ratchet's fat, so...
Now, Spot the Differences between these two pictures!
Put the differences in the comments.
Two more days to go. If you don't know what I'm talking about, come back Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th.
(Also, it's my birthday today. A friend gave it to me after I gave him an extra birthday)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day the 2nd

Hello again.
I'm posting a picture of a Haynes manual today. Based off the 1986 Transformers movie, Where all of your favorite characters die. Well... except Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper and a few others. It's a screencap of Megatron turning into Galvatron. You get to see a cross-section of Megatron and I thought it was Haynes-like, and this was made:

Enjoy the picture, and enjoy the references! (If you don't know what the references on this picture are; ask me and I'll put them up in the comments)

Sunday, 1 May 2011


This is only going to be a short post. On May 5th This blog will be one year old. I think, I can't be bothered to check. I'll try to post a post a day until the 5th and they'll probably be longer than this.

Today I'm posting a picture of Blurr from Transformers Animated. He looks different because this is a design I've thought of myself based on what he might look like if his spark (A spark is kinda like a heart) was recovered from the Blurr-Cube after he was crushed by Shockwave in a compactor in "TransWarped, Part II". I've based him on TFA Blurr and Movie Sideswipe.

Wow! Clear background! Well, except fom a bit under the chin.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Scarf

Haven't posted anything in a while, have I?

Actually, I don't think anyone's looked at my blog in... About 3+ months? (Exept Poppet) (If you do look at my blog, Could you please leave a comment so I know people are looking at my blog? Thanks! Also, Could you look at previous posts if you haven't seen them please?)

A few months ago I had a scarf made for me by a witty little knitter. But it isn't a normal scarf, It's The 4th Doctor's (Played by Tom Baker) scarf. 
I'll show you the scarf:
(This photo was taken not long after it was finished, it's shorter(8 or 9 foot) in this photo, it's been stretched since then) It's about 11 foot long (Not including tassels) (Wow, I'm using a lot of brackets, Aren't I? I'm using too many of them.).

This scarf is from Season 12 of Doctor Who, Tom's has had quite a few scarves over the seven years as The Doctor, About eight, Most of them I think are the same with peices either taken off or two scarves attached together.
This one is the first scarf, seen in episodes "Robot" and "The Sontaran Experiment", It had a Bluey-Grey piece taken off one of the ends in "The Ark in Space" and the rest of season 12.

I want the season 18 scarf next, The red and purple one, but Poppet said "If you want another scarf you're going to have to pay for it yourself!".
I'll put more photos on at a later time.

There's not enough pictures on this post so here's a Blitzwing picture I drew on MS Paint, I drew all the steps but skipped all but first and last.

It didn't take long to draw.

Here's the link to the site where I got the scarf pattern from:

Could you put in the comments who your favorite Doctor is? You can have more than one if you want.

Goodbye! (I couldn't think of anything witty to put here today!)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kirby Themed Post (Picture and Comic)

Yeah... That's the best name I can think of. As you can (hopefully) tell by the name, this post is Kirby themed. No, this post isn't dedicated to vacuum cleaners, it's about a little pink creature called Kirby. I got Kirby Super Star Ultra a few weeks ago and it's a good game. Possible spoiler ahead so beware: At the end of Meta Knightmare Ultra (a subgame in Kirby Super Star), Meta Knight wants to become stronger and fights Galacta Knight, a knight who was locked in suspended animation because he was too powerful. And Meta Knight wins. And I drew a picture of it. Meta Knight's the blue one and Galacta Knight has wings.

I drew it with a pencil, coloured the characters with Copics and Promarkers and I used chalk for the background. I'm very happy with the picture, though there are some differences to the game:
  1. Meta Knight doesn't have a cape in the game
  2. Meta Knight's shoulder guard isn't curved up at the end in the picture
That was one thing, The other is a comic I made using sprites from KSSU, it's only 3 panels, and it's got King Dedede and Fire Lion.
The story was thought up by me and I put the sprites on the backgrounds, but the sprites and backgrounds aren't by me, Fire Lion is ripped by Grim, King Dedede and the backgrounds were ripped by Drshnaps, Both are on Sprite Database. That's all for today, Bye!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy MMXI Everyone

Yes it's that time of year (next year?) again, where you can't get any sleep beacause of the fireworks setting off all around. I was going to post what happened 100 years ago but the things I found wasn't anything that I really understood properly. By the way, some useless information you probably didn't want to know; a couple of days ago I acquired a Nintendo DSi XL, which I have been on quite a lot, it can do loads of things. New year's resolution, do they still have those? Does anyone keep the promises? I think mine will be "Buy a Transformer" because I'm obviously going to do that, and one of them's got to be Wheeljack, I really like that guy.

Happy New Year!