Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Boxing Day! (Bumblebee Review Too)

I think the day after people's Birthdays should be called "Wrestling Day", for no reason other than Boxing Day. 
Do you want to know what I got? Well I'll tell you anyway!:
4x Deluxe Transformers (Ratchet, Ravage, Brawn and Lockdown)
1x Voyager Transformer (Stratosphere, it has a tiny Transforming Optimus Prime)
1x (Noticably Stouter) Book of General Ignorance
4x Boxes of Chocolate (I dislike them more each year)
1x Transformers Game (PS3)
1x Kirby Super Star Ultra (DS, Getting it in a few days)
3x Shirts (Got Today)
2x Shower gel (Always a good sign!)
That's it. The only ones I didn't know I was going to get were the shirts and the Book of General Ignorance.
Deluxe Bumblebee Review

Hope you had a good day yesterday. I promised my next review was going to be Bumblebee so here it be:

Bumblebee is an Autobot scout whowas sent to earth to find the Allspark
The main gimmick of this bumblebee is the cannons that are hidden in the front of the car, I forgot to take the picture of the cannons but thanks to the power of Stock Photos I have aquired a picture from the internet:
Here he is next to Sam Witwicky
This Bumblebee doesn't have a number/licence plate like the Human Alliance one
The front:

The doors open, they've even moulded seats:

Just imagine the Transformation noise
Here's the robot mode:
Sam Witwicky comparison
Side and back view
With the cannons:
I'm a bit tired so it might not be as good as the other reviews, they probably could have made the chest transform and wrist articulation, it does have moveable thumbs though so he can hold things.
More pictures of Jaden and Bumblebee