Sunday, 13 March 2011

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Scarf

Haven't posted anything in a while, have I?

Actually, I don't think anyone's looked at my blog in... About 3+ months? (Exept Poppet) (If you do look at my blog, Could you please leave a comment so I know people are looking at my blog? Thanks! Also, Could you look at previous posts if you haven't seen them please?)

A few months ago I had a scarf made for me by a witty little knitter. But it isn't a normal scarf, It's The 4th Doctor's (Played by Tom Baker) scarf. 
I'll show you the scarf:
(This photo was taken not long after it was finished, it's shorter(8 or 9 foot) in this photo, it's been stretched since then) It's about 11 foot long (Not including tassels) (Wow, I'm using a lot of brackets, Aren't I? I'm using too many of them.).

This scarf is from Season 12 of Doctor Who, Tom's has had quite a few scarves over the seven years as The Doctor, About eight, Most of them I think are the same with peices either taken off or two scarves attached together.
This one is the first scarf, seen in episodes "Robot" and "The Sontaran Experiment", It had a Bluey-Grey piece taken off one of the ends in "The Ark in Space" and the rest of season 12.

I want the season 18 scarf next, The red and purple one, but Poppet said "If you want another scarf you're going to have to pay for it yourself!".
I'll put more photos on at a later time.

There's not enough pictures on this post so here's a Blitzwing picture I drew on MS Paint, I drew all the steps but skipped all but first and last.

It didn't take long to draw.

Here's the link to the site where I got the scarf pattern from:

Could you put in the comments who your favorite Doctor is? You can have more than one if you want.

Goodbye! (I couldn't think of anything witty to put here today!)


Poppet said...

Hi Rancorman, your 'witty little knitter' (me) had nightmares about this scarf and if I would ever get it done. I'm glad I did because you obviously like it.

(p.s. the patio will be cleared this year, first time in 3 years I haven't had a back problem). :-) xx

Poppet said...
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Lorraine said...

oh wow i love the scarf its gorgeous and your drawings are so wonderful i wish i had your talents keep them coming huni xx

Tracy said...

love the scarf Rancorman its really fabulous as is your Blitzwing picture.
keep up the great work, Tracy :)

Annette Bowes said...

Stunning scarf! Must have kept your mum busy for sometime lol! Think my fav doc would have to be Tom Baker, though I have to admit I stopped watching it as it used to give me nightmares lol! Love your Bumblebees post, fantastic movie, take careX:)

the crafty duck said...

Hi Rancorman, I think you should be paying your knitter in chocolate.... hee hee lovely scarf and I think Tom Baker is THE doctor, maybe cos I was little when he was on TV and was the first one I remember!! Good luck trying to persuade your mum(sorry knitter!!!) to make you another one!! Lots of love Steph

Rancorman said...

Thanks for the comments. I can't keep away from the scarf! The next scarf I want is about twice the size of this one. Tom Baker seems to be nearly everyone's favorite Doctor! Bye!

Gina said...

Lurve that scarf!! I knitted one for myself when I was at school(in a previous incarnation it was that long ago :D) I think Patrick Troughton was my fav(he was so silly) but then David Tennant came along (I love brackets too :D ) XXX

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Hi - so you see there are some here that care :) It can be lonely stuck in blogland by yourself but better than being in cyberspace with no one to hold your hand. The scarf is fab, and yep - Tom Baker has to be THE Dr.

Angela Weimer said...

The scarf is fab and your drawing is nice too. I would have to say my favourite doctor would have to be David Tennant. i just love how crazy he is. I do not like the new one as much. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day. Angela

Dora said...

Well that scarf sure looks loong :) but its gorgeous, love the colours. Sorry don't see Dr Who so can't say who is my fave .. and that drawing is fantastic.. well done, keep it up !!

BarbaraG said...

It's Tom Baker for me, too. Love the scarf

Anonymous said...

Love that doctor who scarf its fabulous
:) June